Shipping and return policies for kevin de Souza

Shipping Info
please note: a $3 shipping charge has been included in the price of physical goods.

most items will be shipped through the US mail, first-class, by the next business day, arriving 2-3 business days from the ship date. on occasion, the shipper will be unable to meet this timetable due to tour-related conflicts. if this situation arises, you will be contacted via email with a thank you and a heads-up.
Return Policy
we're reasonably sure that your shipped items will arrive at your door in one piece, but nobody's perfect...

if your copy of RYDPYCS is damaged in the mail, send it back and we'll ship you a fresh one on the house. if the disc is fine but you just don't like it, well...we're sure it would make a killer gift for someone in your life.

or a coaster. these things make awesome coasters.